BrightFish Star Awards

It's time to recognize our awesome students from the 2019-20 school year!

BrightFish All-Star (High School): Orlondo Dixon, 9th Grade, Choctaw Central High School, MS.

1 million points and 72 stories (a BrightFish record)!

"We're very proud of Orlondo's accomplishments this year in setting a BrightFish all-time high score!" —Teachers Julia Faulk and Gail Pigg

BrightFish All-Star (Elementary): Trinity Chandler, 5th Grade, Crosswell Drive Elementary School, SC.

493,909 points and 35 stories! 

"Trinity worked extremely hard to achieve this goal. She absolutely loved BrightFish Reading and couldn’t wait until it was time to get on BrightFish. Trinity is well-mannered, smart and very hardworking. She always has a positive attitude in class and is definitely a joy to teach! —Kayla Joe, 5th Grade ELA Teacher


2019 BrightFish All-Stars

• BrightFish All-Star: Jarred Wesley, 9th Grade, Choctaw Central High School, MS; 906,945 points and 67 stories! 

"Jarred has earned the top points and stories in his class. He also increased 17% from his pretest to his mid-test on the cloze procedure assessment. Not only has he achieved milestones in reading, he is an absolute joy to teach!" Jarred writes in his reflection that “Brightfish inspires me to read. Reading makes me a better person. Some of the stories have taught me information that I did not know, and it has increased my vocabulary a lot. I would like to thank the people who created the program. My year has been pretty great and fun!” --Teacher Gail Pigg

• BrightFish Rising Star: Abran Sanchez, 4th Grade, Spout Springs Elementary School, GA.

"At the start of the year, Abran lacked the confidence to work on BrightFish Reading independently. He would look for teacher support during each lesson in order to gain a better understanding of the task at hand. Abran continued to work on BrightFish every opportunity he had. Now Abran leads our class in BrightFish hours. He is always super excited to complete a book and receive the Congratulations screen. He has shown an increase of four levels in his reading ability this year. Abran is a hard-working student who deserves to be recognized for his dedication to improving his overall reading ability!" --Teacher Meghan Holmes

Congratulations to our 2019 winners!




2018 BrightFish All-Stars

Here are the winners of last year's awards:

Standings  Student Name and School Points Total (April 30, 2018)
1st Place Santino Hernandez, Imogene Hook Junior High School, Victorville, CA 644,052
2nd Place (tie) Beyonce Argueta Mitch, Choctaw Central High School, Choctaw, MS 622,413
2nd Place (tie) Joe Bell, Choctaw Central High School, Choctaw, MS 616,943

District Leaders Award

This award goes to the top class with the highest points average in a district implementation of 5 or more schools. 2018  winners:

Ms. Autumn Kinder and her 3rd Grade class at Stephens Elementary School won the District Leaders Award in Alexander City Schools, AL, for earning the top points average in the district: 151,332 points.

Mrs. Staci Parker and her 4th Grade class at Faine Elementary School won the District Leaders Award in Dothan City Schools, AL, for earning the top points average in the district: 125,263 points.

Ms. Meghan Holmes and her 3rd grade class at Spout Springs Elementary School won the District Leaders Award in Hall County Schools, GA, for earning the tops points average in the district: 90,252 points.

Congratulations to all of the BrightFish teachers and students who worked so hard this year!


BrightFish All-Stars

Students with the highest points in BrightFish Reading are this year's BrightFish All-Stars. Prizes: The top scorer wins a $100 gift card and the two finalists each receive $50 gift cards. (Based on data collected until May 5, 2017.)


BrightFish District Leaders

Districts using BrightFish Reading in 10 or more schools qualify for the BrightFish District Leaders Award. The award goes to the class with the highest average points in the district. The teacher receives a $100 gift card and the class gets a pizza party celebration!