ELA and Math Assessment Practice

Developed by Continental Press and BrightFish Learning, English Language Arts and Math Assessment Practice programs prepare students to achieve their potential on high-stakes tests. The online programs reinforce Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS) and are designed to familiarize students with multiple choice and constructed response question types while simulating the technology-based testing experience. National and FAMIS-approved New York versions are available. 

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Each student license includes three tests per grade level and subject area: 

   ● Benchmark I: beginning of the school year

  ● Benchmark II: middle of the school year

  ● End of Year: leading up to test day

Reports to Shape Instruction
Easy-to-use reports help teachers identify student strengths and areas requiring personalized instruction. Multiple choice questions are automatically scored, while pop-up rubrics simplify scoring for constructed response questions. Teachers can provide individualized feedback right from their online dashboard. 

Sample Questions